The Safari rally fiesta kicks off, all roads lead to Naivasha

The Safari rally fiesta kicks off, all roads lead to Naivasha

I hear there is a cavalcade of Subarus speeding towards Naivasha on a mission to chew like sugar cane, anything thatched that will come their way

Reportedly, this is the real attraction in Naivasha and not even the motor racing. Let the orgy begin. That won’t stop any Hoof-Eater from eating his hard earned ugali

Everyone is talking about Naivasha. I also would’ve said something about this town but unfortunately, I know nothing about it
The closest I know is that near the town, lived a towering imperialist called Tom Cholmondeley who strolled his vast farm armed with a rusty Mark 4 gun, which he used to shoot any African who strayed into his farm

The event in Naivasha is safari rally, a competition of speeding cars. This is a beef eaters sport. Participants are sons and daughters of who is who in the country

Among Kenya’s renowned rally drivers are Jonathan Toroitich, a son to Kenya’s second president DT Moi, Ibrahim Choge, a son to a dynasty of Aldai politics, Carl Tundo, the man who walked with Cholmondeley, the butcher of Naivasha, to help him identify natives relieving themselves in his grabbed farm, so that he can shoot them

Others are Onkar Rai, a son to the Eldoret cartel Jaswant Rai, the man who has single handedly logged Kenya into a desert, the man who bought Webuye based Panpaper Mills at the price of Mandazi, among others

The only Hoof-Eater to participate in the rally is Orie Rogo Manduli. She became one of the very first all female Kenyan team to complete the gruesome motor competition. Just like she has failed in all her bids to win any elective position, she didn’t win this race, as well, but at least she completed, an achievement on it’s own

This is just but another golf, a beef eaters sport. Remember, I’ve said before that when we will finally kick the oligarchs out of town, to take over the government we will convert all golf courses into maize plantations. They are a waste of resources

Someone may ask which sport is the Hoof-eater’s and on this I respond that during my childhood days, I was a skiing champion who won many tournaments and even represented my village in many championships. Skiing is mtelezo

Athletics is also a poor man’s sport. You see first lady Margaret Kenyatta, attempted to run in the marathon but didn’t go far. The poor excel because whenever they look back, they see poverty chasing them. You cannot win any race, if there is no chasing factor
You see, we have zero stakes in Naivasha
Great evening my fellow Southerners!!

By Jerome Ogola via Facebook

The Safari rally fiesta kicks off, all roads lead to Naivasha