Sakaja Makes Bold Move to Shield Sonko From Cartel’s Impeachment Plans

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has assured Governor Mike Sonko that he will do everything possible to shield him from “rumored” plans for his impeachment over poor performance.

Sakaja however asked the Governor to settle down and fulfill his promises to residents.

This comes amid reports that civil societies are planning to petition the county assembly to impeach Sonko.

Sakaja termed the move blackmail aimed at derailing the Governor’s agenda and said it will fall flat in the Senate should it be passed by the assembly.

“There are some people who want to derail the plans of the Governor to transform Nairobi but the impeachment will not go anywhere. I will ensure it dies immediately it reaches the Senate,” he said adding that “The people of Nairobi want services. They want good roads, clean estates and clean water.”

Sakaja told Sonko to focus on his mandate, expose cartels derailing his plans and ensure that the billions of shillings City Hall collects every month translate to proper services.

“Expose the corrupt … we are going to support you on this. Do not shield them. We don’t want Ndakaini Dam to [be empty] while other dams overflow and then see bowsers hovering everywhere selling water.”

Sonko has been criticised severely for not making changes in the city despite promising to do so during campaigns ahead of the election in August 2017.

He says cartels have held the city hostage, denying residents the services they need.

The county boss says these groups have grabbed land and defrauded residents and the county in other ways. He also says he has sealed loopholes in revenue collection but could still use the help of NRMKe General and lawyer Miguna Miguna, whom he wants to be Deputy Governor.