Police should arrest Hon Aisha Jumwa, she might commit murder again, in Msambweni by-election


Police should arrest Hon Aisha Jumwa, she might commit murder again, in Msambweni by-election

By Jerome O via FB

All the nocturnal athletes from Seme are back home, by this time. It means another day had come. We are grateful to Wanyonyi for keeping us safe from the ruthless pangaman
Before we leave for the abattoir, we can have a tete-a-tete here in these streets of Mukuru Kwa Zuckerberg, about an issue or two .

When Americans went to the polls, my fellow countrymen were so concerned about who wins that election, what transpires after the election etc

They followed every bit of the event. It could be for the reason that affairs back home are in a mess and uninspiring thus the need to seek motivation from the happening elsewhere
Again it is possible that Kenya is poor and the law says the poor man must stretch his neck high up to catch up with what’s happening inside the perimeter of the rich man’s home.

It isn’t unusual for a hoof-eater’s wife while riding on a carrier of black mamba bicycle, rolling by the edges of the road, carrying a child to the local clinic, to ask her husband, sitting in the cockpit, the make of the vehicle which just overtaken them, which the pilot husband responds, by stating that it is a Range Rover, but the good lady, has never/will never ask about the making of the iron horse, she is ridding, so that we can tell her, it is a Hero Jet.

Even my fellow hoof eaters, those of us who have never travelled abroad, never been to the US, or flown anywhere, have never been to or seen any airport apart from that on Chebukati’s head, follow every small detail of the US election .

Jazz musician Charlie Pride died and I don’t hear the same lot, make noise. At room temperature, they are supposed to mourn louder than the bereaved but seems they are all basement dwellers, have never heard about the musician. They all know Diamond and Koffi Olomide, the kings of the basement

Lastly, there will be a by-election tomorrow in Msambweni. As usual, it is a Tangatanga versus Kieleweke contest. Sadly, tangatanga will lose because their numbers behave like the snake of a senator

When needed most, it refuses to wake up. The numbers are always much available in public rallies and press conferences, but when the same were needed to rescue Waititu or sink Waiguru, they refused

When the same was required to give Mariga victory in Kibra, the numbers disappeared and the same is likely to disappear again tomorrow. Only that we pray that the local police arrest Aisha Jumwa, because she is likely to shoot someone again, like she did when her party lost a by election to ODM in her home village
Good morning my fellow hoof eaters!!

Police should arrest Hon Aisha Jumwa, she might commit murder again, in Msambweni by-election


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