It is time Ukambani got a new kingpin, Kalonzo has lost it; Ngilu, Mutua are down. Senator Mutula? GoV Kibwana?

It is time Ukambani got a new kingpin, Kalonzo has lost it; Ngilu, Mutua are down. Senator Mutula? GoV Kibwana?

By Arap Doyo

Ukambani needs a new kingpin desperately. The extents to which Kalonzo is going to be part of the Jubilee government is diminishing his stature – the little he had.

His coalition partner ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga was received at Statehouse by Jubilee Party Leader during the handshake and accorded the utmost respect he deserves.

Kalonzo, the Wiper Party leader, a former Vice President, on the other hand, stood at Jubilee House in Pangani, shoulder to shoulder with Murathe, a rouble rouser with no known achievement to his name and Raphael Tuju, Jubilee Secretary General and a Cabinet Secretary with no portfolio, signing partnership documents. And while at it, laughing sheepishly like a kid who managed to grab a bone from a cooking pot.

What was hard in sending his party’s Secretary General to sign the partnership pact?

Raila made most political kingpins by assembling the famous Pentagon of 2007. Charity Ngilu, Najib Balala, William Ruto, Musalia Mudavadi and Nyaga (Nyaga was a lame duck from the onset).

But of all of them, only William Ruto succeeded in standing up on his own, after the fallout with his master, to chart an unfamiliar path and grow into a formidable politician with a national outlook, to a point of challenging the teacher in his own game.

Ruto may be down for now. He’s injured greatly. His soldiers wounded while others captured. But it is just a matter of months if not weeks, before he rises up in a completely new shade and brand, ready to rumble and to aggressively push for his burning ambition.
Political toddlers will write him off this early.

Now, back to Jubilee. Has Uhuru created any Kingpin? Ofcourse he has serious Statehouse operatives like Murathe. Tuju is the same old Tuju, Matiangi is just a worker. Perhaps what Uhuru may have created is senator Sakaja. Sonko was an emerging kingpin BUT Uhuru just knipped him again ! Long live the king of kingpins- Raila Odinga


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