Hon Aisha Jumwa has been sleeping with his bodyguard for 6 years, Court told


By Jerome Ogola via FB

Just like it turned out, that Wakhungu wasn’t just Waluke’s accomplice, but his partner in horizontal engineering, it is also emerging that Aisha Jumwa’s co-accused, said to be his bodyguard, is actually her lover for the past six years the owner of the “kiuno”

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Aprobation report tabled in court shows that Hon Aisha Jumwa and her co-accused/bodyguard Geoff Otieno have been living together for six years.

It has also been discovered that Otieno has abandoned his wife and two children in Nairobi and they currently facing eviction over rent affairs.

This is the “kiuno” we were told has a “kabiro” meaning it is as straight as a wall, according to a senior trade unionist, Bwana Atwoli. However, that’s not here nor there

What’s important here is that Jumwa couldn’t raise a 4 million bail granted by court, meaning HE will be spending a whole weekend, using a bucket as her makeshift toilet

This should be an interesting development, because his political camp boasts of deep pockets and if they cant chip in then it is a safe to conclude that they have abandoned her, as a disapproval of her alleged involvement in the crime
That’s great of tangatanga! On other matters, the guys you saw running all over cheering Uhuru in Kisumu, actually didn’t vote in the last elections

In fact, no elections happened in Nyanza. They had other ideas and a section of those who loved Uhuru and voted for him, today hate him with passion

Seems those who thought they had won had actually lost and those who thought they had lost had actually won! Those who worshiped him are today cursing him and those who thought he was a demon have found a god in him today
Could these be the reasons my good friend Evans Khayumbi says this world is not our home, each time he is high on Jug Daniels?

Hon Aisha Jumwa has been sleeping with his bodyguard for 6 years, Court told


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