Hilarious: Mudavadi loves politics but politics hates him, completely unnoticed in his village

Hilarious: Mudavadi loves politics but politics hates him, completely unnoticed in his village

By OO Jnr

I have no problem with them kneeling down while carrying those light wooden assault weapons capable of killing a wild rabbit on motion or a small invading snake. I am the biggest supporter of self-arming and that’s why among my favorite verses in the Bible is Luke 22: 36.

Who knows, an insane rabbit or sick demented antelope might just run into this crowd and these two will be properly armed to deliver the animal into the kitchen. However, my only problem with these two is that they are emperors without EMPIRE. Their presence goes completely unnoticed everywhere they go, and as such, they can’t even bring traffic to a standstill in the village.

Look at the crowd they pull on such an important event in their own villages! Looks like a gathering of their own personal assistants they imported from the City. Makes you wonder, the discordant uninteresting relationship between these wannabes and politics. They are in love with politics, but evidently, politics doesn’t love them at all!

Meanwhile a quick history recap

By the way, Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America. There were hundreds of thousands of people living there, called Red Indians. Today call them Native(s) Americans. When this notorious slave trader and violent armed robber, Christopher Columbus, arrived there in October 1492, he embarked on one of the worst mass murders in history.

I was taught that some white fool with his European friends discovered Lake Victoria around the 1850s, rubbish! I told you that Luhyias migrated to Western around the year 1500. Luos were there long before Prince Henri The Navigator opened up Africa to European Colonial gangsters when he bumped into Africa on his way to India to buy salt around the 1460s.

So when I hear Trump call BLACK demonstrators “looters”, I laugh. America itself (and Europe) is built on a foundation of LOOTING. Built on looted minerals, timber, and forced labor from Africa. They may change the discourse, but not the facts. That sijui John Hanning Speke discovered Lake Victoria in 1858 when my people had been fishing in this lake for a million years! Were they not human beings, or the racist history doesn’t consider them as such! Of course, there was another one like Fredrick Lugard sijui what in Nigeria, where does that leave the richest man in History, Emporer Mansa Musah, from Mali who traded with Nigerian Berbers, Fulanis and Hausas across the Sahara? Musah died somewhere in 1337. But he used to go for Hajj in Saudi causing inflation along the way as he gifted gold bars to everyone he met with his 600 strong caravans of horses & camels.

Think of Colombus arriving in the USA around Oct 1492, were there no human beings here around that time? About Speke ” discovering ” Lake Sango (Victoria) in 1850, does it mean we luos didn’t exist then? Nkt!


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