Factors that decide the outcome of a presidential election in Kenya

Factors that decide the outcome of a presidential election in Kenya

COTU boss Francis Atwoli highlighted the key factors that determine the choice of a president in Kenya

By Andrew Muiga via FB
Factors that decide the outcome of a presidential election in Kenya.
1- God.
2- The people (voter).
3- The System.
God and the voter are variable, they don’t have a fixed pattern. You cannot be cock sure of the candidate God will support or the voter will cast his/her vote for. Infact God’s position is only known after the election results are released, we always assume that the candidate who won had his blessings. But you can predict to some extent whom the voter will cast his ballot for if you factor in tribal arithmetic and traditional voting patterns but not to a 100% accuracy.

The only factor that doesn’t have divided royalty is The System. It’s possible to monopolize the support of the system.
The candidate supported by the system has an upper hand and is 40% near the target. He then has to fight to get God’s and voters attention with the other aspirants to share the remaining 60%.

So when your presidential candidate tells you “tuko na Mungu na hawa Wananchi” tell him ata hao wengine wako na Mungu na Wananchi.

1- How voters are forced to pick bad choices.
If I was to choose between Ngirici and Waigúrú for the Kirinyaga gubernatorial seat, I will go for the latter any day with all her alleged flaws.

Ngirici is yet to be accused of any economic crimes and might make the best Kirinyaga governor but voting for her is also endorsing Ruto and giving him some traction in Central Kenya. In my judgement that poses more danger at a national level, so better sacrifice Kirinyaga for the national good.

2- As a Christian there’s no undue advantage you get before the eyes of the Lord if you worship in the presence of your favorite politician, in most cases it’s the opposite. Make your own informed judgement and stop jamming churches when politicians visit. Worship at home and make your donation/tithe through pay bill.

3- on political rallies.
There’s really nothing important that takes you to a political rally except idleness. Your presence only serve to massage the ego of politicians when you add to the numbers. Anything important from the government like the Tea reforms will be communicated through the laid down proper channels. At a political rally politicians will only lie to you, give false promises, incite you to violence then psych you up to vote for them.

Factors that decide the outcome of a presidential election in Kenya


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