DR. MUGERA: indisciplined BODABODA crooks must be stopped

DR. MUGERA: indisciplined BODABODA crooks must be stopped

By Dr. Dan Mugera

Listening to the radio this morning, a person commented that every year they get over three thousand requests from people desiring to acquire persons with disabilities card and majority of them are motorbike riders popularly known as Bodaboda.

Let’s face it, Bodaboda riding has become a risk affair in this country, most of them get involved in road accidents and many other accidents everyday causing injuries to themselves and their passengers and even deaths.

Just last month a pastor friend died after being thrown by a bodaboda rider under a moving truck which crushed him on the spot. Two weeks ago a friend of mine shared with me how a relative fell backward and hit his head on the tarmac from a moving bodaboda which was carrying him.

As we are speaking the guy could still be in a coma. In my home village, a young man I know went into a coma and eventually died after his bodaboda and another one crushed head on collision. This are just a few of the stories and there many more.

Personally I have been involved in this bodaboda saga, a boda hit my car and broke my head light a few years ago, guess what happened? The mob of bodas came over claiming I was the one on the wrong, helped their colleague to escape and I was left to sort myself.

Last month while driving to kisumu, a boda hit me from the back and broke my tail light, since the guy was injured I forgave him and drove off to go and repair my light.

We are dealing with a bunch of people who some of them are not properly trained, indisciplined, macho and bitter with life. Unless we do something about this situation we will see more injuries, deaths and chaos.

Infact now with the dynasty and hustlers Nations fights, innocent people might lose their lives and properties from the hands of some of this fellows. #thoughtprovokingthursday


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