REVERSED ROLES: ODM Statement on Covid-19Millionares Vs DP Ruto comments, Afro cinema continues

REVERSED ROLES: ODM Statement on Covid-19Millionares Vs DP Ruto comments, Afro cinema continues

By Jerome Ogola

Euro bond happened……tangatanga denied the existence of the scandal
Afya House one happened…….tangatanga termed the allegations fictitious
NYS happened………tangatanga said “yule mzee ana wivu”. They told us the “mganga” from Bondo was jealous of Jubilee achievements
SGR scandal happened………tangatanga was as silent as a dead man’s buttocks, and saw nothing wrong
Arror and Kimwarer happened Murkomen went gaga, rapping faster than a madman from Luanda, defending the perpetrators, saying no “ndururu” was lost
ODM screamed loud, about the above scandals
Covidberg has happened and tangatanga has erupted with a fury of a volcano or the rage of River Nyando, shouting about the scandal, from every rooftop
What has changed?
ODM on other hand, has said they’ve employed the use of an electrone microscope and they haven’t seen any iota of a scandal in the entire COVID-19 scandal saga with their naked eyes, they have advised that competent agencies must do their work and report back to Kenyans; the Auditor General, EACC, DCI etc etc
What has changed?
Interesting. Isn’t it? This is a swap of the roles and Afro cinema shall continue


Onesmus Vundi: ODM are simply telling jubilee “kuleni kichwa ngumu yenu,tuliwaambia na hamkuskia”

Denis Koech:
Tanga tanga boss voice should be the loudest now because he is not part of it as he said, but he has no guts to do so.The followers are shouting on his behalf now.

James Matengo: Never mind Jerome Ogola, somebody somewhere is trying hard to be heard.
Team TT are just smarting from the political peripheral status at which they have been pushed by their Jubilee Jayden Side colleagues.
The reality had to dawn at them now. The economic ills which they used to commouflage and toothlesly defend have come to haunt them.
To be in oposition and continue to be heard and felt is no any child’s play. Especially in Kenya where those in power can easily feed you with pure fumes from their delicacies which they daily enjoy.
Only the ODM fraternity have had the muscles to override and excell in this turbulent wind. Not even the their Big brothers at war in the parties of ☔,🦁 could withstand the heat and cold combined.
As usual, not even the man from Sugoi or his close fallen leutenants, the likes of Murkomens, Duales, Susans, Mohas, Kiunos from Malindi, and the Washialis will endure it.
It’s not a matter of wether the whole group will fumble, disintergrate and sublime in a thin air but it’s only a matter of when. Watch the space!

Geraldine Kiarie: You can’t eat and talk at the same time so, they have changed the arrangement of dining table.

Mzungu Mrefu: KENYA, a Country of endless possibilities 😂😂,we glorify scandals & theft, we are worried lot as Hoof Eaters association,Le Presidente Jerome

REVERSED ROLES: ODM Statement on Covid-19Millionares Vs DP Ruto comments, Afro cinema continues


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