Why Uhuru and Ruto Are Losing Govt’ Control to Raila – Barrack Muluka

Political analyst Barrack Muluka at a past event. He stated that Raila

After Raila’s controversial order at the scene of the Likoni ferry tragedy where a woman identified as Mariam Khigenda her child Amanda Muthee lost their lives, questions ran rampant as to his new position in government.

Barrack Muluka asserted in his opinion piece for The Nairobian on Friday, October 11, that ODM leader Raila Odinga was deeper in government than meets the eye if the said order was anything to go by.

He wrote that after the accident had taken place, Kenyans had spent days waiting for a word from the country and county leaders, but none was forthcoming.

Political analyst Barrack Muluka at a past event. He stated that an order issued by Raila after the Likoni Ferry tragedy indicated that he was deeper in the government than previously thought.

Out of the blues, the former Prime Minister came to the port and ordered the dredging exercise stopped until the bodies of the ferry tragedy victims were recovered.

He wrote that even though Raila was criticized for the decision by politicians who urged government workers to ignore the orders, the dredging activities eventually stopped.

Muluka claimed that only a person with a very high status in government could have issued a directive in such a manner and have it followed to the latter.

“Raila did not follow the procedure by stating that ‘under the power conferred upon me by section 28.1 (a) 2 of the removing stuff from water laws 1943, I hereby direct that there be no more dredging,” he jibed.

Muluka claimed that Raila’s directive proved that Uhuru was so focused on his legacy that he has lost grip of things on the ground, in effect leaving Raila to run rampant.

He further stated that the Deputy President William Ruto was so lost in his weekly ‘Tangatanga’ rallies aimed at securing his 2022 presidential ambitions, that he was forgetting that there was a present he needed to concentrate on.

“The President of the republic sleeps in the Statehouse, and his deputy spends all his time on the road distributing money to a church that does not want it anymore. The driver is asleep on the job, and the conductor is experiencing money problems, who else do you expect to take charge?” he posed.

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