Ruto Drives Into Empty Church Event

William Ruto
  • Confusion marred Deputy President William Ruto’s event in Makueni County, on Saturday, January 22, after the DP and his allies walked in only to meet empty seats. 

    Ruto had to wait longer than he had intended as congregants came in late at the AIC Kathonzweni Church. 

    The church management rushed to mobilise attendees as the DP waited patiently in the deacon’s office. The service also continued with the worship team taking lead, as congregants arrived later on. 

    Deputy President William Ruto graces a function at the AIC Kathonzweni in Makueni on January 22, 2022

    Ruto arrived at 9 am to commission a bus paid through a Harambee drive. 

    Local politicians alleged that UDA grassroots mobilisers tasked with organising the event differed among themselves leading to the rise of splinter groups. 

    A fight reportedly broke among the divided parties thus delaying the event.  The DP’s Director of Communications was unavailable when sought for comment on the issue. 

    The function, nonetheless, went on as planned with the DP straying away from commenting on the issue. 

    “Even as we compete, we must know that ultimately God will decide the next leader of our nation through the prayers, votes, and support of the people of Kenya,†the DP stated. 

    “As leaders, we must endeavour to unite Kenyans. The electorate is well informed and can thus make the right decision when the time comes,†he added.

    Ruto later addressed residents of Nzeveni at Nzeveni market, Makueni County. The visit comes two days after he toured Machakos County to popularize his new UDA outfit. 

    Ruto took a swipe at his rival Raila Odinga, who he accused of overlying on his support and that of former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka.

    “I have no problem with anyone, I helped Raila when he was the Prime Minister but it reached a point where I realised he does not love God, I got tired then surrendered to Kalonzo who pushed until nowadays his hair has receded,” Ruto trolled Kalonzo. 

    His sentiments irked Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu who cautioned the DP from abusing the local Ukambani region leaders. 

    “The difference between Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and William Ruto is that one is very honest. Kalonzo is a reliable and trustworthy person who has worked hard to foster peace in this country. And, therefore, comparing the two is like comparing day and night,†she stated.

    William Ruto
    Deputy President William Ruto makes a grand entry into Eldoret ahead of his rally on Saturday, January 8, 2021


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