Yvonne Okwara, Jacque Maribe Join Global Movement

Top Row: Victoria Rubadiri (left) and Joyce Omondi (right), Bottom row Jamila Mohamed (left) and Jane Ngoiri (right).
  • Media personalities Yvonne Okwara and Jacque Maribe are among the female Kenyan celebrities who on Tuesday, July 28 joined the global #ChallengeAccepted movement in support of other women.

    The black and white pictures which you may have noticed appearing on your Instagram timeline actually have a deeper meaning to them.

    “To all women, let’s take this challenge beyond the hashtag and support each other more meaningfully,” Okwara captioned her picture as she tagged several of her female colleagues. Maribe on her part simply put the hashtag as the caption.

    Citizen TV anchor Victoria Rubadiri also participated in the challenge using her own personal experience of women empowerment.

    Top Row: Victoria Rubadiri (left) and Joyce Omondi (right), Bottom row: Jamila Mohamed (left) and Jane Ngoiri (right).

    “I recall a time veteran politician Julia Ojiambo told me, ‘In my day, women were fighting for a voice.’ Today we have more than a voice. The question is, how are you using it? Amplify yours today to uplift and empower fellow women,” she wrote.

    Other female personalities who participated included Jamila Mohamed (Citizen TV), Jane Ngoiri (NTV) and Joyce Omondi (Switch TV).

    It is not clear where the movement originated from but the viral campaign is a way for women to show their appreciation for each other. 

    Women from all over the world have taken on the challenge of posting selfies with positive messaging about each other and the importance of supporting others.

    Upon posing the images, the participants nominate other women to post their own black and white portrait which then creates a chain for others to be made aware and post their own.

    According to Instagram analytics, over 3 million photos have been posted under the hashtag, with celebrities drawing attention to the online cause. 

    In America, celebrities including Kerry Washington, Jennifer Garner, Kristen Bell and Eva Longoria have helped the campaign gain visibility by posting their snaps.

    Hollywood actors Jennifer Garner(left) and Kerry Washington (right).
    Hollywood actors Jennifer Garner(left) and Kerry Washington (right).

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