Lovy Longomba Hits Over 1 Million Followers On TikTok –


    Celebrated legendary musician Lovy Longomba is celebrating  a huge milestone as he clocked over 1 Million followers on TikTok.

    The popular pastor, who doubles up as one of Kenya’s legendary singers, has remained popular despite leaving the country over 16 years ago.

    When the Longombas brother Lovy and his late brother Christian left Kenya at the peak of their careers, a lot of their fans were disappointed and many more confused.

    Longombas member Christian dies aged 36 | Music In Africa

    The Longombas brothers-Google

    But it turns out, they had something different in mind. From Lovy’s side, a transition from secular to preaching was the way to go. He even managed to open his own church; which he claimed costed a whooping Ksh 800 Million.

    He is the founder of the Ksh800 million church called the Revelation Church in Los Angeles- and it seems like it’s doing him quite well in terms of gaining fame.

    The preacher has now surpassed a million followers on his tik-tok, just by giving motivational & Bible talk. It means that whatever he’s doing is relevant to most people. And this is a milestone which truly can’t go un-appreciated.

    Lovy is among the popular pastors in the USA and he’s making it big. Congratulations are in order for his achievement.

    Source: Ghafla.com/


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