“Kirinyaga Has Real Men”- Ngirici’s Billionaire Husband Warns Waiguru

Kirinyaga billionaire Andrew Ngirici
  • Kirinyaga Woman Rep Purity Ngirici’s husband Andrew has warned Governor Anne Waiguru over the stand off between the executive and county assembly. 

    Speaking on July 30, 2020, he stated that differences would only be solved if she agrees to humble herself. 

    “The governor should stand down and realise that Kirinyaga has real men and stop despising MCAs,†he stated. 

    Kirinyaga billionaire Andrew Ngirici

    He criticised the governor for proposing outsiders to try and find a middle ground between the two sides. 

    “Kirinyaga has its own people who can find solutions to the matters affecting us. She should not invite the likes of Fatuma Gedi, Alice Wanga and Peter Munga to come talk to us. That was very disrespectful,†he slammed.

    The billionaire also criticised President Uhuru Kenyatta, claiming that he was lucky he couldn’t run for another term in office because Kirinyaga voters would not have supported him. 

    “If President Kenyatta was running for another term, he would have had a difficult time because he only listens to three people. They are families that think Kirinyaga belongs to them,†Ngirici claimed. 

    Earlier in the day, politicians had convened a meeting to plan on how to visit Deputy President William Ruto. 

    The deputy president has been meeting delegations from various counties.

    The Kirinyaga Woman Rep is a close ally of DP Ruto is said to be eyeing the governor’s post in the next election.

    The couple have been critical of Waiguru and supported her ouster which was overturned by the Senate. 

    Andrew has promised to mobilise residents to protest in Kirinyaga County if Senators chose to conduct Waiguru’s hearing through a special committee. 


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