Exposed: Why DP Ruto wants Sonko jailed

Exposed: Why DP Ruto wants Sonko jailed

By Peter mwangi via FB

William Ruto was using Sonko to fight his wars. He gave Sonko the script and the platform.
Ruto now wants him Jailed. A perfect case of USE and DUMP!

When Miguna was in trouble, he was represented by Orengo, Otiende Amollo, Mutula Kilonzo and Raila’ lawyer Paul Mwangi.

When Uhuru’ men are in trouble, Uhuru sends his personal lawyer Fred Ngatia, Muite or PLO to represent them.

BUT when Sonko was arraigned in Court, Ruto was nowhere to support him despite being responsible for his woes. He abandoned Sonko. He ordered his sycophant Murkomen and other Tanga Tanga lawyers to keep off Sonko’ case. Ruto couldn’t even send his personal lawyer’ Grand Mullah to represent his attack dog in Court.

Sonko had to beg Sifuna’ uncle Dr Khaminwa to represent him. Ruto’ betrayals made Sonko to break down in court.

Ruto ni mnyama

Exposed: Why DP Ruto wants Sonko jailed


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