World Famous Lion ‘Scarface’ Dies at Maasai Mara

The late lion 'Scarface' who died in Maasai Mara on June 11, 2021
  • Wildlife enthusiasts are mourning the death of Scarface, a legendary lion that resided in Maasai Mara until it’s passing at 1 pm on Friday, June 11.

    In a statement, the World Heritage Species stated that the lion died due to natural causes.

    “We are heartbroken to announce that the legendary ‘Scarface’ passed away today of natural causes in his beloved Mara home,” reads a statement written on social media pages.

    The late lion ‘Scarface’ who died in Maasai Mara on June 11, 2021
    (COURTESY Angama)

    The statement was collaborated by the Mara Predator Conservation program that disclosed the lion died in peace without any disturbance from vehicles and hyenas.

    “We were the only vehicle on the scene and by this side, hoping to give him any kind of comfort,” reads a statement.

    The lion got its nickname owing to a scar in one of his eye and was the most sought after by tourists in the Mara.

    He was the most famous and held a territory of over 400 square kilometers.

    Although Scarface had suffered a few injuries over the years, he was still strong until his death at the age 14.

    Lions have a life span of 10 to 14, years, meaning that it was in its sunset years.

    “For the last four years now, Scarface has been seen limping. There are no visible scars or injuries, but I think he is just getting old and his old injuries are catching up with him,” Tira, co-owner of Matira bush camp with Monika Braun stated in a previous interview.

    Scarface’s death came days after a scared lion in Maasai Mara went viral for being scared buffalos.


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