Woman With Amnesia Forgets Baby After Giving Birth

Woman With Amnesia Forgets Baby After Giving Birth

A lady suffering from an acute case of amnesia has been stuck at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) for close to two years after giving birth and forgetting the entire experience.

Caroline Nduta reportedly gave birth by the roadside in South C estate, Nairobi, back in June 2017 before suffering from a serious case of amnesia.

Nurses speaking to The Standard revealed that she was ferried into KNH alongside her newborn baby by St John’s Ambulance.

Caroline Nduta pictured at Kenyatta National Hospital

However, her medical condition took a turn for the worse as she started experiencing severe lapses in memory, which eventually graduated to full-blown amnesia.

Her condition worsened by the day to a point where the nurses claim she couldn’t actually recall ever giving birth let alone identifying her own baby’s name or face.

The nurses revealed that they were forced to send the baby to a children’s home as Ms Nduta was simply incapable of caring for the toddler.

“Her mind wanders off during conversations and she has no recollection of giving birth or having a child,” one of the nurses disclosed.

Officials at the hospital have allegedly been trying to look for any of Nduta’s relatives over the past 2 years with little success.

During her brief lapses of sanity, Ms Nduta speaks of having sisters in Kitale, while at times she says that her kin are actually in Kitale, thus leaving the nurses with nothing much to work with in regards to locating any potential relative.

Some social workers at the hospital went as far as circulating her photo in Kinangop but no one has come forward to claim her yet.

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“We have to take care of her until she gets out,” a nurse at the post-delivery ward-Roseline Lokoloi disclosed.

KNH acting board Chairman, Stanley Kamau, stated that it was quite hard to find appropriate homes for patients aged between 18 and 60 as most homes either catered to the extremely young or the aged.

He affirmed that there were numerous similar cases of family members having no clue that their loved ones were actually stuck at the hospital.

Image of Kenyatta National Hospital acting board Chairman- Stanley Kamau at a past briefing


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