Woman kills KDF husband in cold blood

Woman kills KDF husband in cold blood


Last night, a couple’s squabble involving a Kenya Defense Forces officer turned lethal when his 27-year-old wife, armed with her teeth, served him three major bites that promoted him to eternal rest.

The wife to slain KDF officer/ courtesy fb

The 37-year-old officer, a Private at the Gilgil KDF Camp, died in his house at Kahawa Wendani in Kiambu’s Ruiru sub-county, when his wife’s mighty jaws cast her teeth through his thumb, chest and shoulder.
A tiff over an unestablished matter had raptured into a major ding-dong at midnight, before the lady-Violet Asale-resorted to the unlikely weapon that cut short her husband’s life.

Realizing he had developed convulsions and was sliding into his death, Violet rushed her man to Kahawa Garrison health centre, but it was too late to save him.

His body was already cold and without a pulse.

As the body awaits autopsy, Violet Asale remains in custody as a suspect of murder. More investigations are ongoing.

Woman kills KDF husband in cold blood


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