Willis Raburu’s Father’s Life as Powerful Moi Aide

Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu and father Peter Raburu. Willis praised his father for his hard work.

Citizen TV news anchor Willis Raburu is arguably one of the most-watched hosts on television.

What most do not know about him, however, is that his father was a powerful man in government during retired President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi’s regime.

Peter Raburu, was a provisional commissioner in Rift Valley during the Moi era. At that time, PCs were the president’s representatives in the now defuncts provinces.  

Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu and father Peter Raburu. Willis praised his father for his hard work.

Speaking to kenyagist.com, the Citizen TV anchor disclosed that his father was and still is a disciplinarian.

“He was and still is firmly rooted in God. He was always concerned that we had a good education and that we knew right from wrong. He stood firmly on certain principles and it was his way or the highway on some matters especially going to Church,” he divulged.

Further, Willis narrated that his father was a very hardworking man, who would wake up very early in the morning and head home late.

“He has an amazing work ethic and even to date, I meet leaders he worked with and they all say two things ‘he was strict and loved God’ and that is what I call a legacy,” he stated.

In an interview conducted on the former PC byThe Standard in 2015, he stated that his achievements were purely attained on merit, noting that he rose from being a District Officer to PC in his 30 years of service.

Raburu, who was known as a vocal leader, always called for peace among communities before the General Election.

In 2003, while he was still working in the same capacity but in Central Province, he ensured some of the Mungiki sect members left the movement.

Further, Daily Nation reports that in 2000, when Raburu was the Nyanza Provincial Commissioner, he called for the arrest of leaders who abused Moi.

“If you do not protect the President against insults by certain politicians, who may have helped you get jobs, then you will face the sack,’ he stated.

Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu
Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu

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