Why thousands of South Africans have died of Covid-19 as compared to other Tanzania

Why thousands of South Africans have died of Covid-19 as compared to other Tanzania

By Onyango Ochieng Jnr

Tanzanians are not dying of Corona in masses, because the president thoroughly studied the findings in the USA and Europe at the early stages, then quickly noticed that the nation had a potent stopper to this corona beast; demographic advantage. 60% of Tanzanians are under TWENTY FOUR(24) years. Yes, 60% of 59,734, 218(Total Population) is below 24 years.

In Kenya, people are not falling dead in their tens, and thousands on the streets as had been predicted by dangerously deceptive “mathematical models” at Mafia House, and street pharmacist William Kabogo from his underground bunker in Kiambu because of many other reasons 1. Regular exposure to infectious diseases and 2. Demography.

South Africans have died en masse. So far 11,800 and still counting. The reason is unfortunately because of immunocompromise. The nation has a very worrying compromised immunity. It is very worrying friends.

Of course, 7.7 Million South Africans are HIV positive( being Bantu nation they are all circumcised). My controversial belief here is because South Africans are gays. Their style of sex greatly contributes to this worrying exposure. The rectum doesn’t self-lubricate unlike the oil wells of South Sudan! Then 60% have TB.IDF puts data in 2019 of South Africans with Diabetes at 4.5 MILLION.
Seriously, compromised immunity!

For example in 2018, people who died in S.A of TB were 63,000. Those who died in 2019 of Diabetes were 90,000!

Tells you something, President JPM is a serious scholar, surrounded by brains with great attention to details. They don’t gossip or guess but engage in erudite conversations guided by data. As African nations rushed to follow the Western approach to this virus, JPM and the intellectual magicians around him, took a deep look into the data mainly from Italy, UK, USA, and Russia. They discovered that lockdowns and curfews were illiterate copy-paste.

I bet you are still waiting for Tanzanians to drop dead in their tens and hundreds if not thousands.😂😂😂

I am not a medical scholar, but the data is all there for anyone with an education above class 3 to read and make meaningful information out of it.

Why thousands of South Africans have died of Covid-19 as compared to other Tanzania


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