Why Raila can’t endorse NASA principals, may endorse Gov. Joho

Why Raila can’t endorse NASA principals, may endorse Gov. Joho


Yesterday H.E Raila Amolo Odinga said that he will not pass the baton to anyone because those asking for his endorsement never turned up for his swearing in. This indicates that in the 2017 NASA team, only Governor Hassan Ali Joho deserves his endorsement and has every right to demand it from him without any provocation.

For too long people have taken RAO as someone who is kind of superhuman. Someone who forgets quickly about betrayal. This gives people a leeway to think twice when committing their loyalty to him but Governor Hassan Ali Joho has never given it a second thought.

On 29th of January 2018, a day to his swearing in, Governor Joho hired over 30 buses to Transport over 5,000 supporters from Mombasa to attend his Uhuru park swearing in. The exodus was so earth-shattering that the buses were detained in Voi over flimsy grounds but were eventually allowed to proceed.

In Nairobi Joho knew RAO needed footsoldiers. He booked a posh hotel for elected leaders from Mombasa including the county assembly speaker, spent a night with them and ensured that on 30th they were at Uhuru park ready to witness the oath-taking ceremony. He was at the forefront unafraid of being captured by cameras and be prosecuted for treason.

When Raila talks about his swearing in and loyalty, he is talking about Joho.


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