Why most Kenyan women are single mothers, ignorant!


Why most Kenyan women are single mothers, ignorant!

By Silas Gisiora Nyanchwani via fb

Sunday Morning Sermon. Dedicated to women.
Yesterday, I spent three hours on phone with an old friend, presently in Belgium.
She is at the pinnacle of her career and material success. She is a wonderful soul. Through and through. But one thing has eluded her in life: A good man. A serious man.
Lately, I am always blunt.
She always talks about her accomplishments. Good ones. Those.
Sadly, she will never find a serious man.
Here is why.
Serious men know what they want. And serious men rarely have time for debates. Serious men know what they want and a woman who brandishes her accomplishments like that is all she brings to the table, rarely is what he wants.
Unlike women, men don’t care about a woman’s accomplishments. Unless of course, he is some low-quality, low-grade gold-diggers with no ambition of his own. This does not mean that her accomplishments mean nothing. They mean a lot. Mostly to her.
Any man well-raised knows a woman’s accomplishments are hers and hers to keep.
They have no problem with that.

What a serious man is looking for a woman, is her femininity. Her soft side. Her humane side. Her feminine charm. Feminine energy. The God-given ability to be a woman.
Most accomplished women think that this is a sign of weakness, vulnerability that will make them to be exploited. May be a few past bad experiences make them to be strong and invulnerable. But the very masculine energy such women wear, is actually counterproductive and only beta/simps and low quality men can come to their lives.

Relationships are a trade off. When women say they want a strong man they don’t compromise. Same way when it comes to serious men and what they want.
So, if you are a highly accomplished woman, who is heterosexual with a wish and desire to ever settle down and you want a high value man, just know, your accomplishments mean nothing to the man. He acknowledges them, but he wants you for the person you are. He wants you for positive energy. Not arguments. No measuring of balls.
Serious men are leaders. And leaders can only lead someone who wants to be led. By being led it doesn’t mean that you are a doormat. Or he is going to trample on your rights or demean you. Serious men don’t do that.

A serious man, wants a family. Has clear set out goals. You fit into his plan. And negotiate from within. And a serious man will always be reasonable hear you out, support you and be there for you. But this is something you earn.
One thing about high value women who can’t compromise is that they want to dictate the terms of a relationship.
You can choose to be academic about this. Or you can choose to be realistic.
Men are the gatekeepers of relationships. It is a man who decides if he will date you and stay with you. It is never the other way round.
The most ghosted women are the high-flying career ones. Their biggest illusion and delusion is that men fear their success. No. Men fear their BS. Serious men. That is.
Want the relationship to work?
Come down to earth. You want this guy to be a strong man. A provider. Etc. Then show her your feminine side. Your ability to nurture. To respect. To cooperate.
Anything less doesn’t work and you have to settle with jokers. Or less serious and insecure men.
Serious men, do stuff with action. Serious men have no time to validate or affirm a woman. His mere presence is enough.
Serious men go for submissive because submissive women bring the best out of them. In return they make the submissive women the queens of their lives. And the high-value, high-flying career women can only envy their former submissive classmates who are married and trying to make things work.
Many learn when it is too late that society doesn’t care about your accomplishments. It cares about your ability to be human. And to relate with others accordingly.
Sermon is over. Brother Sydney Keari will collect the offering.
PS: High value women can choose to agree or disagree with this. It is upon them. But reality is persistent and unchanging.

Why most Kenyan women are single mothers, ignorant!


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