Why hustlers will reject DP Ruto in 2022, his hypocrisy is worse than Uhuru’s incompetency


Photo: DP Ruto new palace that is under construction in Uasin Gishu county, expected to cost about Kshs. 1.5billion

By Viscount K’Owuor via Facebook
The Dynasties Versus Hustler politics is good for Kenya. It turns our attention away from tribe and ethnicity and kindles conversations that are ideological.
That we cannot continue with a country of paupers ruled by the rich. That we cannot continue with a country where you cannot ascend to power if your father is or was not a prominent person in the society.

That kind of conversation makes our politics more progressive than the perpetuation of ethnic chauvinism that we have been accustomed to.
However, in ideology, we reason based of facts , truths and principles. Not hypocrisy, falsehoods and misrepresentations.
If it is a class war it must remain a class war; between the Haves and the Have-nots. Between landlords and tenants. Between ranchers and big land owners and the peasants. Between billionaires who use their money to bribe voters and poor people with integrity who seek to be elected based on their passion and commitment to public good.

And the idea is not that the poor should drive the rich out of town, or loot their properties. The idea is that when we put men and women of integrity , and who are passionate and committed to public good, they are likely to possess the goodwill to further the interests of the poor , the Have-nots, the peasants and the masses in general by creating favorable living conditions for all – employment and wealth creation.

That is the fundamental principle that must guide the conversations.
The question we or Hustlers must ask ourselves is ;
From 2013 – 2019, did William Ruto live by the above fundamental principle?
He lied to the poor about non existing jobs, stadiums, factories , launched ghost projects , just to win an election. He violated the principle of Honesty.

He colluded with contractors and received kickbacks as a result of which many projects ended incomplete or shoddily done. The poor were relying on these projects to have their situations improved. He violated the principle of Integrity.

He colluded with cartels and carted a huge chunk of our national resources, made himself super rich , built himself an empire and ensured that his own family should never lack – a common preoccupation of all dynasties. He violated the principle of commitment to public good.
He populated public and state offices with his kinsmen and frustrated all attempts towards national dialogue and towards inclusivity. He violated the principles of nation building.

Therefore , it is highly hypocritical, broadly false , and totally misguiding to place William Ruto as the head of hustlers , peasants , the unemployed and the Have-nots. It is like the trees pointing to the axe as one of their own , on account of the handle which is made from piece of wood. Only to be cut by the same axe. The Crown of the Axe is a Sharp Heavy Metal. William Ruto’s leadership has cut and will continue to cut millions of poor people out of existence.

Why hustlers will reject DP Ruto in 2022, his hypocrisy is worse than Uhuru’s incompetency


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