Why Education CS Magoha is wrong over closure of schools till 2021; wasting KCSE and KCPE candidates

Why Education CS Magoha is wrong over closure of schools till 2021; wasting KCSE and KCPE candidates

Photo: KNUT secretary general Hon Willison Sossion, the silence of teachers means they were consulted and are in agreement with the task-force.

THIS is a point suggested by a professional on education matters and it’s very important for parents to discuss it.
My son for example is in Grade 4 this year. Instead of restarting Grade 4 again in 2021, why can’t he (and all his classmates in the whole country) transit to Grade 5, then the KICD reorganizes the curriculum such that what he has not covered in Grade 4 is covered somewhere in his school life?

Which is better, to waste a year waiting to cover something or to just move on and look for a way back to what you missed?
Even in the university, we never allowed ourselves to waste years. If you failed a unit in second year, you moved on to 3rd year then looked for a way to resit or retake the failed unit.

Kenya will be the only country world over that will have failed to transit in one academic year. We will be regarded as failures. A shame.
The problem of delaying the transition will be realised in 2022 and it will be capital for demonizing Uhuru Kenyatta administration in the election campaigns.

Why should we overload one level with double intake? If we don’t want to overload the health sector with Covid-19 cases, why overload the education system?

It’s unfortunate that transaction from one year to another in Kenya is only determined by a single, end year examination.
Reason why we need the CBC, so that a pupil’s assessment I’ve the year can be used as basis for prediction his or her performance. That is what Britain has used to determine the transition.
Rethink and rethink.

Katherine Muhatia adds:
Matters education are taught from known to unknown and from simple to complex. The curriculum builds on this principle. You cannot upgrade standard one child to standard three. The learner will get lost. Even at the university there are prerequisite units that one needs to study before being able to take a more complex one. On the issue of elections this is not Uhuru problem. It’s an issue that came to Kenya from Wuan China. Let’s walk the stairs when it comes to matters Education

By Wahome Thuku via FB Verified account

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