PoliticsWhy Abdulswamad Shariff is best for Mombasa gubernatorial seat

Why Abdulswamad Shariff is best for Mombasa gubernatorial seat



There’s not much time left for us to act. Election’s just a year away. This is it People. We either take it upon ourselves to act and vote in Independent Candidates or we either choose to look the other way like we have always been doing. We are truly on our own. Nobody will come to help us. Not Joho. Not Hassan Omar. Not Shahbal. Only Abdulswamad Massive Abdulahi can save the coast

Just the other day I received a disturbing mail ranting about how even the Tuktuk drivers of Mombasa do not even know the roads. How most of them have to be guided by the Passenger to the destination. The author of the mail even claimed incredibly that most of the drivers arrive into town the night before and bag the job the very next day. Regardless of whether they know the roads or whether they hold licences. Such is the state of our beloved town. I am all for One Kenya and One Tribe. But protecting the interests of our working force is not tribalism. If all that I was told in the Email is true then why is it happening? Why aren’t the Tuktuk owners employing our coastal lads? I will tell you why. Because the owners themselves are not natives of Pwani and that is a worrying sign. It cements an artificially forced shift of wealth and land from the coastal natives to the rest. We are losing our grip on our town and heritage and the one thing that angers me is that OUR LEADERS ARE PRIVY TO ALL THIS. They don’t care less. They have never cared.

Our Local Government currently runs on a reversed system of legislative authority. In other Counties the authority goes up the chain. From the MCAs to the Governor. Without the MCAs the Governor is an empty shell. But in Mombasa it is the other way round. The Governor dictates terms on the MCAs. And I fail to understand why. Somebody told me once for as little as mobile airtime an MCA can even striptease for you. Our MCAs are sold like Viazi na Vitungu, every single day, day and night.

Enough of all this. Haven’t you all had enough? Don’t you all feel suffocated by all this? We have to capture the County and National Assemblies in this coming Election. There are no two ways about it. For Allah’s sake open your eyes. Nobody will help us. Ruto, Raila, Moi wote ni kitu mmoja. Now they are talking of a possible Ruto Raila coalition. The same faces, the same betrayals all over again?

We have Six Constituencies in total and Thirty Wards in total.

That’s about Thirty Six significant posts which will shape Mombasa’s future.

That’s Thirty Six able Men and Women, who have the required Education, the drive to serve and the Sincere Zeal to the betterment of Mombasa.

We have hundreds of thousands of individuals ready to serve and bring a change. Professors, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers na kadhalika.

We don’t need D Minus materials and High School dropouts to lead us. We don’t need Corruption and Impunity to rule us. For how long will we keep on bearing persevering waiting for Miracles to happen?

Those Miracles are us. It is us ourselvee who will save our People and Town and no other Mortal.

The Almighty is with us, let’s rise up. Rise to the occasion, step up to the challenge of leading this town to it’s former glory.

This Election is the best opportunity ever and it may never come back once it’s gone. Their popularity is the lowest right now. We have to hit while the Iron is hot. The Corrupt have sensed it and know their time is up. They will make and break fake coalitions here and there but let’s identify the Independent who can lead us and let’s support them and vote them in.

For them it is Game Over and they know it.

Jonathan BabaYaga.

Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) Mohammed Abduba Dida

Why Abdulswamad Shariff is best for Mombasa gubernatorial seat



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