Why abductions and murder are on the rise

Why abductions and murder are on the rise

By Jerome Ogola via FB

Abductions and murders are on the rise, for a cocktail of reasons
Among them is the fact that arrests and convictions rarely happen to the culprits

Those who intend to kill are almost assured that they will never be held to account for his/crime. Of the last seven murders that have happened around here, it is only in one case that some serious breakthrough was made in identifying the perpetrators
In some cases they arrest the wrong people only to release them for lack of evidence. In other instances prime suspects find their way to freedom after the prosecution fail to link them to the crime, mostly due to poor investigations

I’ve seen in many cases, local police secure the scene from contamination as they await for crime scene specialists and when the one man team arrives in an old Suzuki, all he has is an old Yashica film camera and tape measure

I may not be a expert but this isn’t what is expected of a contemporary forensic specialist expected to use science to establish facts to be used evidence in prosecuting a murder case
The police cannot go home to sell mbuzi to equip themselves sufficiently for this task, meaning the government is to blame for this incapacity

I remember, when someone attempted to build a forensic laboratory for the department, Kiraitu Murungi and others ate the money, under the supervision on Mwai Kibaki and latter he was recorded laughing like a marijuana addict urging Githongo, the then anti graft czar to go slowly on investigations

Again, does the force have the requisite skilled manpower for this role? I doubt, because while recruiting, they tell the recruits to undress and run naked in the field, as the only medium of interrogating their suitability
A today’s force, military or police require more brain that brawn and as much as we have smart guys within the rank and file of the forces, it’s time priority change from the current size of the pocket and that of the chest, to some other capabilities
End of the morning rant
Good morning my fellow Hoof-Eaters!!

Why abductions and murder are on the rise