What happened to Huduma Namba? CS Matiang’i Explains

Kenyans line up to register for Huduma Number in April 2019
  • Interior CS Fred Matiang’i, on Saturday, August 8, revealed the progress of Huduma Namba programme since the initial May 2019 countrywide registration.

    In an interview on NTV, the CS explained that Huduma Namba was in its synchronisation stage where an individual’s data was being collated into one file. 

    He explained that all an individual’s information including the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) number and their Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be contained in this one number. 

    “The registration was the first step, then the syncronisation of the data sets before we give you that one number. We make sure that every person has got a file that is complete. Your NHIF details are there, your pin details are there, then we give you the number.

    Kenyans line up to register for Huduma Number in April 2019

    “That exercise is what is going on and we are at the tail end of it and everybody will get a Huduma Namba. With the Huduma Card, you don’t need an ID Card,” he explained.

    A representative from the ministry, in a call with kenyagist.com, disclosed that the service had been hampered by the fast spreading Covid-19 pandemic.

    Matiang’i explained that licenses of betting businesses had not been renewed as the government was still coming up with new regulations to govern the sector.

    “As I speak to you today, during this financial year, you know those betting licences have to be renewed every financial year.

    “We have not renewed any betting licenses this year because the Betting Control and Licensing Board has not agreed with the Ministry of Health on protocols that betting companies will have to follow in operating their businesses,” added Matiang’i.

    Previously, reports had been rife that the Huduma Cards would be issued in May 2020 but the pandemic hit in March derailing the plans.

    In January, Gpvernment Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna had told kenyagist.com that citizens who gave their correct information during the registration process would receive their Huduma Nambas through their mobile phones. 

    He had also added that other than just the number, Kenyans would also be issued with electronic cards (e-IDs). 

    “The government has commenced the process towards generation and issuance of Huduma Nambas and Huduma Namba electronic identity cards to those who were registered,” he stated at the time.

    During the interview, the CS also defended police officers accused of using excessive force during the pndemic stating that the reported cases were being exaggerated.  

    “Police officers are not angels, they are human beings who live in our midst, they will make mistakes…it is not fair nor accurate some of the things that are said about the police.

    “In the circumstances, the police did an excellent job regardless of what critics say. I have to be very honest, there are certain things that happened that I don’t condone and support,” he stated.

    He also noted that he was not aware of any further lockdown plans explaining that the decisions were made on scientific basis and were reviewed every week.

    Below is the video:


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