We are in a total mess, who will get us out of this shithole? Ruto will make it worse !

We are in a total mess, who will get us out of this shithole? Ruto will make it worse !


By Peter Amunga

A grim headline in today’s Standard has shocked social media users in Kenya. Trending on Twitter now are the words #Fuliza. That 21 million broke Kenyans take a record Sh 245 billion a year is a concern a big concern. . It is shocking that in all our political rallies and church fundraisisngs, Karen or Sugoi visits, we are not hearing this.

Kenyans, this is a reflection of where we are today. We are broke. We are hungry and we are angry. We need leadership out of this. Tokenism and wheelbarrows cannot get us out of this mess.

Fund raising in churches will not help us.

Continuous politicking, street battles and Killings will make it worse.

Extra borrowing is simply deepening our grave.

We need a leader. A kibaki type of leader. A man or woman who will concentrate on putting Kenya back on track.

The Standard opines, and I quote..

*“ ..Every second, Safaricom processes six transactions or 492,480 overdraft requests per day to bail out borrowers. Safaricom now processes about six loan applications on its Fuliza loan product per second, making it a major cash cow for the region’s most profitable company.”

In the 2020 financial year, Safaricom disbursed loans amounting to Sh245 billion through Fuliza, a growth of more than 10 times over the same period in the previous year, when Kenyans borrowed Sh29 billion. This is something that should jostle any leader worth his salt into action.

Speaking in Nyeri on a meet the people tour Mudavadi, said and I quote… “Before you send money.. Always ask your pals kama hiyo number iko na fuliza. Nikitaka kutuma pesa,kwa kijana yeyote hapa.. utasikia akiniambia, Ngoja nikupatie number ingine. Hii yangu iko na fuliza.”

Mudavadi wants action on this issue. He says it must first start with the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) to completely cure the systemic problem illicit transactions that threaten to ‘bring down’ the economy. Mudavadi says good economic policies require discipline. We have become a country of beggars. Even our country Kenya is also fulizaring from China, France and the UK!”

“..This must stop. Let us cut our suit according to the material we have. WE CANNOT CONTINUE LIVING BEYOND OUR MEANS AND EXPECT TO LEAVE BEHIND A COUNTRY FOR OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS.” Says Musalia Mudavadi, the leader of Amani National Congress party.

Kibaki left a strong economy. UhuruRuto inherited a country that was on unpward march. The fuliza economy will be an UHURU/RUTO legacy. A bad legacy that will haunt us forever.

Let no one deceive you. Whoever inherits this country after 2022 as president will inherit a broke, angry and hungry country. Kenyans must be very careful on whom they elect to do so.. We must think Economy.


We are in a total mess, who will get us out of this shithole? Ruto will make it worse !