Watch Kenya Navy’s Helicopter Training in Indian Ocean

Kenya Navy half guard marching past the dais at a past function.
  • As Kenya’s defence system continues to grow stronger, the training of its recruits also grows more intense.

    A video shared by NTV on Tuesday, May 25, showed the grueling training session Kenya Navy officers undergo before being sent behind enemy lines.

    In the clip, the police chopper is seen airlifting a number of trainees and hovering around the ocean. Through the backdoor, the trainees are seen jumping legs-first into the ocean.

    The training, which was aimed at Combat Water Survival, was carried out at the Nyali public beach.

    Kenya Navy half guard marching past the dais at a past function.
    Ministry of Defence

    Close look at the training, the trainees were seen jumping into the ocean while holding their hands behind their backs before getting into the ocean.

    According to DePaul College of Liberal Arts, the purpose of the Combat Water Survival Test is to both test Cadets and to build their confidence and water survival skills.

    In most trainings, the trainees are usually expected to navigate a 3-meter drop into water sometimes with blindfolds on and carrying a riffle.

    Other tests centers around swimming for 15 meters in uniform and executing submerged equipment removal techniques. They are expected to cover the distance in around ten minutes without taking a pause. 

    In the Kenya Navy training, they swam all the way to the shore where they were seen jogging along. A medical team was hovering around in case of an emergency.

    The navy was founded after independence with the help of the British government and was to be set up in the then Royal Naval Armament.

    The Kenya Navy has its headquarters in Mombasa with bases at Mtongwe, Shimoni, Msambweni, Malindi and Kilifi.

    The navy’s role is to protect the nation from external threat from the sea, protect the state’s territorial waters as well as provide support to other security agencies.

    Below is the video:


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