Watch CCTV Clip of Officer Defending Self Against Armed Men

  • CCTV cameras captured a police officer in Likoni, Mombasa defending himself against three armed men who wanted to break into his shop. 

    The incident occurred on Saturday, May 29 at 2:23 am. In the CCTV footage, two of the suspects who raided the police constable’s shop were caught off guard when the officer rushed out of his house with a gun in hand shooting. 

    He opened fire at the two while chasing them away from his shop. The duo can be seen falling to the ground while the police officer, dressed in a white t-shirt and a khaki short continued to fire. 

    Police fetching a dead body in Kenya

    A neighbour who had the commotion alerted police who rushed to the scene and established that their colleague was a detective attached to the County Criminal Investigation Department (CCIO), Mombasa. 

    Police also noted that two thugs died at the spot while the third escaped with bullet wounds. 

    “The three unknown middle-aged men came to his shop while armed with machetes and iron bars. 

    “The officer came out of his house while armed with his scorpion rifle and opened fire killing two,” the police report read. 

    It was further reported that twenty rounds of ammunition were spent in the shooting incident. 

    The bodies of the deceased were taken to a nearby morgue as investigations into the matter commenced. Police also launched a manhunt for the third suspect. 

    Mombasa residents have raised numerous concerns about machete-wielding gangs that ambush, rob, assault and even murder them. 

    “We are tired of these crimes. We want justice and our rights should be a top priority. We feel the pain when our people die. 

    “Some residents are ambushed and shot even in broad daylight. Business people are targeted too,†they complained when a trader was shot dead at Memon area in Tononoka, Mombasa on February 11. 


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