Watch Cars Racing on Mombasa Road Crash in Freak Accident [VIDEO]

Damaged vehicles seen after an accident on Mombasa Road on August 2, 2020
  • Two cars sustained serious damage as they veered off the road and crashed while racing on Mombasa Road on Sunday, August 2.

    Several motorists reported having seen the drivers speeding past as they drove from the Mua Hills area in Machakos County.

    Footage from a helmet cam by one biker, Faith Wanja, captured the exact moment the vehicles veered off the road even as the biker revealed that it was a close escape for her.

    The two BMWs, one grey and another black, were seen zooming past her, on either side, leaving her shocked as they narroly missed a lorry right infront on the left lane. 

    Damaged vehicles seen after an accident on Mombasa Road on August 2, 2020

    Moments later, the drivers lost control causing their vehicles to veer off the road, with other vehicles including a lorry caught up in the madness.

    They crashed into thickets by the side of the road, with both vehicles sustaining serious damage. The black BMW saw both its front and rear ends come off in addition to losing the rear windshield.

    The occupants of both vehicles, however, escaped unharmed and confirmed the same to worried motorists who stopped to check on them.

    “Just grateful to have escaped their idiocy and recklessness. It was a close shave for me! We are glad no harm was caused on other road users. Those fools are lucky to be alive too!” Wanja wrote of the incident.

    Another motorist, Soila Ene Nkoiboo, also recounted her encounter with the motorists on the same road before the crash.

    “These guys passed me at Mua Hills. I am so lucky I had parked my car on the road side. They were racing down the hill in sharp corners without a care in the world that they would find an incoming car ahead. This could have been worse. They should thank God,” she stated.

    Video of the incident particularly sparked an uproar as one of the vehicle’s occupants was seen stepping out of the vehicle with a bottle of alcohol.

    While no evidence exists that the drivers were drunk, it fueled debate on recklessness among road users in Kenya.

    Impromptu races, in particular, are not new in Kenya and remain popular particularly with young drivers who prefer roads in areas including Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos.

    For your safety and that of others, however, it is paramount to observe rules on the road at all times.

    Watch the video below:


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