Watch 23-Year-Old Capture Huge Python With Bare Hands After KWS Failed

KWS official putting a snake captured in Murang
  • A 23-year-old young man was able to capture a 12-foot python in Murang’a on Friday, August 14, 2020.

    Residents had called rangers from the Kenya Wildlife Service to capture the reptile which was spotted in a thicket along Murang’a-Kiriaini Road. 

    KWS rangers were unable to catch it, opting to shoot it instead.

    KWS official putting a snake captured in Murang’a into a sack on August 14, 2020

    Residents prevented the rangers from shooting the animal and resorted to calling the young man who arrived without any safety gear. 

    Many onlookers gathered, with their phones on standby to record the untrained man attempt to capture the deadly snake.

    After waiting for 20 minutes he emerged out of the thicket with the head of the 12-foot reptile clasped in his palm.

    Onlookers jumped in to help him pull it out and started posing with the snake on their necks, calling the young man a hero. 

    The animal was handed over to awaiting rangers for safe custody.

    Earlier in June, the same man had shocked residents by capturing another snake with his bare hands.

    After the incredible fete, he carried it on a motorcycle for 10 killometers to present it to KWS.

    According to experts, Maragua and Kiharu have a sizeable snake population.

    Residents proposed that the National Museums of Kenya should collaborate with the county government to establish a snake sanctuary for educational purposes.  


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