Viral Policewoman Exposed For Lying

  • The Internal Affairs Unit (IAU) of the National Police Service, on Thursday, May 13, issued a preliminary report and responded to the allegations fronted by Police Constable (PC) Viviana Williams. 

    The PC, in a viral video, demanded to be relieved from her duties claiming that she was sexually harassed and mistreated by her bosses. 

    “Sir, kindly allow me to resign from the police office because I can thrive elsewhere. Even if it means, resigning without pay, I will not mind,” she complained. 

    However, the IAU response alleged she was lying, stating that she never filed a sexual harassment complaint. The unit argued that in her complaint dated February 9, Viviana never raised concerns over the matter but indicated that she had planned to file a suit at a later date. 

    Viviana Williams, a traffic officer who requested to be allowed to resign from the police service

    IAU also revealed that the real reason behind her social media complaint was a case involving a Ksh105,000 mobile phone. The traffic officer purchased the phone from a Mombasa dealer who she later accused of scamming her.

    Viviana was reported to have demanded a refund of Ksh80,000. According to IAU, the case between the two was never reported to her bosses and neither did she record it in the occurrence book (OB). It was thus treated as a civil case. 

    Nonetheless, the policewoman reported the matter at her police station later on, in an attempt to turn it into a criminal case. This was after she and the seller failed to come to an agreement. 

    The case got a new twist after the trader also reported her for harassment and the two were summoned by Kisauni Sub County police commander, Julius Kiragu who reportedly resolved the matter amicably. Viviana was to be refunded Ksh70,000 as agreed. 

    IAU added that a few days later, the police officer forwarded the matter to the Regional Commander who took it to the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Kenya Police Service Edward Mbugua. Mbugua reportedly heard that Viviana had accused the OCS of withholding her Ksh70,000. 

    The DIG ordered that she be refunded and immediately transferred from traffic to Mjambere Police Station as a duty officer. The OCS wrote to the DIG and stated that she was refunded her Ksh70,000 on March 22, 2021. 

    Viviana was further accused of approaching the IAU seeking new orders against her transfer. The unit refuted her allegations where she claimed that she had worked in hostile areas and instead argued that the PC never reported to her new station. 

    “The outburst against IAU and the police force is because the IAU declined to be dragged into her transfer protest. This is not our jurisdiction,” the unit stated on Thursday, May 13. 

    The Gender and Children Directorate unit is also expected to present its report to the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai. The IG issued them with a 7-day ultimatum. 

    “I ordered investigations towards the allegations and as we speak my officers now have six days left to deliver a report to me for further action. NPS does not condone any form of harassment. I will personally ensure this is resolved in accordance with the law,” the IG stated on Monday May 10. 


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