Viral Man Digging With One Leg Gets Help After NTV Feature

An Image of Simon Chege Digging a Piece of Land While Seated
  • A man’s commitment to hard work despite having only one leg has paid off after a video of him digging while balancing on his only leg went viral.

    Stephen Chege will now receive a prosthetic leg after NTV broadcasted his story. In the video, which was shared widely on social media, Chege is seen digging while seated and balancing on his one leg.

    The feature story caught the attention of the Association for the Physically Disabled in Kenya (APDK). Chege was ferried from his home in Muranga to Nairobi by APDK on Thursday, September 23.

    An Image of Stephen Chege Digging a Piece of Land While Seated

    Chege, who has been using crutches to move about, was assessed and had measurements taken for his prosthetic leg.

    APDK Nairobi branch manager, Christine Muteti stated that they were moved by his determination hence wanted to create a positive impact in his life.

    “We are really pleased that we are going to put a smile on his face by getting him an artificial leg that will empower him, ” she reiterated.

    An assessment by the doctor revealed that he was at risk of suffering secondary disability for not using specialised equipment to move around, making him to stoop. In this regard, he was offered a new pair of crutches.

    The prosthetic leg is expected to be ready after two weeks.

    Chege was accompanied by his brother and his neighbour was in the company of his neighbour, George Njoroge, who recorded the video and his brother Emmanuel Chege.

    He was grateful to APDK for stepping in to help him, describing it as the best day of his life.

    “I am happy because where I stay, it is as though no one really cared about me,” he stated.

    The 46-year old narrated how his life changed for the worst after the amputation. He stated that his wife left him shortly after their young baby passed away from pneumonia.

    Stephens trouble began as a pimple, which later grew into a wound. His leg was then amputated to prevent the further spread of the wound.

     Name Stephen Chege Paying Attention to a Doctor Explaining To Him How His Prothetic Leg Would look Like
    Stephen Chege Paying Attention to a Doctor Explaining To Him How His Prosthetic Leg Would look Like