Video Captures Angry Hippo Chase Tourists in Lake Victoria

An image of a fisherman
  • Four tourists who had gone to unwind at Lake Victoria in a sight-seeing trip had to make exit plans in a split-second after Hippopotamus attack.

    Dicken Muchena, 27, and his three friends, had gone to the lake to watch the hippos on Friday, May 28, when the wild animal began charging towards them.

    In the 27-second clip, the hippo is seen chasing after the speedboat that was speeding with the four occupants on board.

    The footage shows the massive animal gliding through the water in the wake of the speedboat – mostly underwater, but occasionally rearing its head to breathe as it continues to follow the boat.

    A fisherman casting his net in Lake Victoria.

    For several years, human and wildlife conflicts has been on the rise especially after several cases of hippos attacking and killing human beings were reported.

    Several residents neighboring lakes, rivers and national parks have decried hippo and elephant attacks causing financial losses.

    In October 2020, the Ministry of Environment has reported that eight people lost their lives as a result of the unusual rising water levels on Lake Naivasha.

    Water levels at Lake Naivasha, at the time, reclaimed at least 50-100m of land. Flower farms set up on riparian land teamed up with hippos.

    The animals were seen chewing up everything on their path, with footage emerging showing two of them feasting inside a greenhouse.

    Hippos are amongst the most dangerous animals in the world due to their aggressive and unpredictable nature.

    At around the same time, a disturbing video went viral showing a girl being pulled into Lake Victoria by a giant hippo on the shores of Mbita.

    Residents watched helplessly with some throwing rocks at the hippo, unfortunately, this only drove the animal deep into the waters with the girl clasped in its jaws.

    Below is the video



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