Victoria Rubadiri: Secrets to Being Among Top TV Anchors [VIDEO]

  • Citizen TV anchor Victoria Rubadiri shared insights on what drives her to be among the top news anchors in Kenya during an interview with KTN News presenter Joy Doreen Bira on Instagram on Monday, August 3.

    Bira asked Rubadiri to share her lessons with young journalists who looked up to her.

    The anchor detailed that she was in a competitive field which required her to be dynamic adding that she was unveiling a new show as part of her growth and transformation.

    Rubadiri detailed that she was always open to learning and considered herself a student, an aspect other scribes can borrow a leaf from.

    She noted that she apes the likes of billionaire Bill Gates who keeps sourcing for new information through reading books despite being successful. She also embodies sports celebrity Serena Williams who trains hard and keeps herself fit with the knowledge that a competitor is out to defeat her. 

    KTN News presenter Joy Doreen Bira (top) interviews Citizen TV anchor Victoria Rubadiri (bottom) on her Instagram page on Monday night, August 3, 2020

    “I have not yet established myself in this field. I consider myself to still be in the starting process despite amassing over a decade in the industry. All I do is I look past and conduct an audit of what I have done in a certain past period then think about what to do in the next period,” Rubadiri shared. 

    According to her, at times, all that mattered was the impact of her story. She stated that women faced stiff competition and were being judged on the genre of their stories. Political stories garnered more reactions and views rather than human interest pieces.

    “People judge you on whether you can do a political interview which many argue sits well with men. However, the impact matters too. I meet a lot of people who tell me that a story or an interview I did changed their lives, or that they never knew an aspect of people such as the divorced until they watched my interview,” Rubadiri detailed. 

    Bira went on to state that most journalists are currently being blamed for being relaxed and satisfied once they have completed a story which is also trending. On this Rubadiri advised scribes to step out often and look at the bigger picture as the news cycle is quick, forcing reporters to get stuck in the structure of telling a story now and moving on later.

    New Citizen TV Segment

    She added that she was in the process of unveiling a new segment which would aid in recalling the big stories which were not followed up on. 

    The segment will challenge the industry to keep people in power under check and balance as the stories have an impact on Kenyans’ livelihoods.

    “I am taking up that role of reminding Kenyans how we can move forward and still hold people accountable. We cannot rest on our laurels and forget that we have such an important responsibility of being custodians of news. Hopefully, we can have the show this week (In August 2020),” Rubadiri disclosed. 

    File image of Citizen TV anchors Victoria Rubadiri and Jeff Koinange reading prime time Sunday news

    Watch Victoria Rubadiri speak on her new show 


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