US Ambassador’s Goodbye Message to Kenyans Elicits Debate

US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter with President Uhuru Kenyatta.
  • US Ambassador Kyle McCarter’s goodbye message to Kenyans has elicited debate among Kenyans.

    The ambassador took to social media to give gratitude to Kenyans after he resigned from his post.

    In a video posted on his social media accounts, he addressed the Kenyan youth stating that they are the future of the country.

     “I envision that the youth will build Kenya’s democracy for the future. The youth of Kenya. Don’t give up! You are the future of Kenya,” he stated.

    This however did not sit well with a section of netizens who were tired of the future narrative that had been sold to them on numerous occasions.

    US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter (Right) with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    “Mr Ambassador, with all due respect, the youth of Kenya have been repeatedly promised about this  elusive “future”. Sir, I was told the same in my youth more than half a decade ago. I’m still looking out the window for it.

    “See how Selfish you are. You want us to wait until the future while you take everything that today brings along.

    “Sir with due respect! stop hallucinating! You would have helped the youths during your service. But all you did was to learn fluent swahili. 

    “Mr ambassador that future is nowhere to be seen this is kenya goodbye balozi see you again.

    However, a section of Kenyans lauded the ambassador for his tenure.

    “Thank you so much for serving Us. May God be with you always and I salute you.

    “Ambassador, you have been an inspiration to many youths. Personally I’m gonna miss you and the online interactions we have had for the last 4 years,” read some of the comments.

    McCarter announced on Sunday, January 17 that he would resign from his post. This came days before Biden’s administration was set to take over. As at the time of publishing, Biden has been sworn as the current President of the United States. 

    McCarter had been picked as a political appointee by former US President Donald Trump in January 2019 to replace Bob Godec.

    The sentiments shared by the Kenyan youth reflect the current crisis that they face in the country. According to a report by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), about 800,000 youth enter the labour market every year.

    However, youth unemployment within the country is still estimated to be as high as 35 per cent.

    Furthermore, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands have been rendered jobless which has prompted the majority to resort to crime in order to make ends meet.

    Job seekers in Kenya.
    Job seekers in Kenya.

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