Uhuru’s Niece Intervenes During BBC Journalist’s Arrest Over Stolen Laptops

BBC Deputy Editor and Senior Africa Correspondent Anne Soy. She was recently arrested at KICC

Tempers flared at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) on Friday, October 11, after BBC‘s Anne Soy was arrested.

The BBC Deputy Editor & Senior Africa Correspondent was held at the convention centre’s police station together with her children as she was leaving the ongoing Homes Expo.

Taking to Twitter, the former KTN senior reporter narrated how she was accosted by police officers after she questioned them on why they wanted to check her bag as she exited the building.

“Currently under arrest at the KICC police station with my kids. Had attended the Homes Expo and asked why security officers were checking bags as we exited. Was told they check if we’ve stolen laptops,” she posted.

BBC Deputy Editor and Senior Africa Correspondent Anne Soy. She was recently arrested at KICC

The situation escalated rapidly with the officers reportedly hounding her after she insisted on the need for them to explain their actions.

“Every so often an accusation against me would be made, like unatudharau (you are demeaning us), each time I respectfully explained that all I wanted to understand was why I was being treated as a suspect of theft unless I prove otherwise,” she narrated.

“I was told they were checking if I’d stolen anything. I asked what I could possibly have stolen and if I’d acted suspiciously. I was told everyone is checked and there was nothing special about me. I agreed with them on the latter statement & asked if I was a suspect,” she added.

According to her statement, the officers then escorted her to the KICC Police Station.

It took the intervention of the convention centre’s Chief Executive officer, Nana Gecaga – President Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece, to quell the situation, going on to order that Soy be released.

Kenyatta International Convention Centre CEO Nana Gecaga
Kenyatta International Convention Centre CEO Nana Gecaga

The celebrated journalist went on to thank Gecaga, adding that her arrest wasn’t that big of a deal compared to her other arrests across Africa.

“A quick update to say we’re all out now and are on our way home. We’ll debrief the kids before posting further details. Big thank you to Nana Gecaga for intervening and resolving the matter swiftly,” she posted.

“I must add that the arrest wasn’t as bad as it looks. We sat on swinging leather seats and were offered mineral water towards the end. It’s luxury compared to elsewhere on the continent where I’ve been arrested before,” she added.

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