Twist as Serial Killer Names Accomplice in Murder of 13 Children

Masten Milimu Wanjala suspect in Murder of 10 children
  • The self-confessed serial child serial killer Masten Wanjala on Thursday, July 15, came out to implicate other suspects in the harrowing murders of over 10 children.

    Wanjala is now claiming he carried the murders with the help of an individual by the name of “Isaac”.

    He claims Isaac helped him carry out the murders in Kitengela and other places.

    Wanjala further revealed that the first murders he ever committed were with the aid of four individuals.

    Masten Milimu Wanjala suspect in Murder of 10 children
    Suspect Confesses to Killing 10 children

    He claims that the four individuals included three men and one woman whose names he does not disclose. 

    “Niliua kijana mmoja mara ya kwanza huko tulikuwa wanne huko nyumbani ushago…alafu huyo kijana wakamzika an dawa (I committed my first murder of a boy with the help of four individuals back home),” narrated Wanjala in very chilling accounts.

    In a nerve-wracking account of his callous undertakings, Wanjala had recounted to the DCI the details of how he lured child victims to his arms before taking their life.

    He recounted that sometimes he even sucked blood from the veins of the children before executing them. Wanjala, who is 20-years-old squashed the hopes and dreams of many parents who thought they would eventually reunite with their loved ones.

    Wanjala was barely 16 when he first killed his first victim, Purity Maweu, a 12-year-old girl. Wanjala had kidnapped Maweu from Kiima Kimwe in Machakos and took her life after sucking her blood.

    In a very chilling confession, Wanjala told DCI detectives that he derived a lot of pleasure from killing his victims but claimed that he felt an inexplicable urge to want to commit those murders.

    “Ni kama tu spirit tu huniingia…but saa zingine mimi huwa tu poa nachezanga ball vizuri hata watu wananijua (it’s as if I get possessed by a demon…I’m sometimes normal and even play soccer with others well…people even know me to be mild-mannered,” claimed Wanjala.

    The bodies of four victims Wanjala killed have so far been found, with police scrambling to locate others with the direction of Wanjala.

    Wanjala remains in police custody for 30 days as investigations are ongoing. The named accomplice Isaac is reported to be in hiding as detectives could not find him when directed to his whereabouts. 

    An image taken outside the DCI headquarters in Kiambu Road, Nairobi
    An image taken outside the DCI headquarters in Kiambu Road, Nairobi