Truck Driver Escapes Death as Mob Sets Lorry Ablaze [VIDEO]

An image of boda boda riders
  • An unidentified truck driver, wiggled his way through an irate mob as he fled for his life after allegedly running over a pedestrian at Annex area in Eldoret on Wednesday evening, July 29.

    The group of angry residents, most of whom were boda boda operators, turned their attention on the truck he left behind and set it ablaze.

    Speaking to, a journalist stationed in the area narrated how the truck driver tried to drive away from the scene of the accident with little success.

    According to the source, the driver was looking to make his way to the nearest police station to avoid the crowd that was growing visibly angrier with each passing second.

    Boda Boda operators wait for customers at a stage.
    Capital Group

    However, his truck, packed with tonnes of cement, was no match for the speedy motorbikes and they soon caught up with him and blocked him off.

    It was at this point that the driver decided to make a run for it, and managed to escape the clasps of the mob by inches, leaving his precious cargo behind.

    Police and fire trucks hurriedly made their way to scene of the burning truck in a bid to quell the raging inferno.

    A spike in road fatalities has been witnessed in July 2020, with reckless driving identified by the police as the most common reason behind the surge.

    On July 10, five people perished in grisly road accident involving three vehicles; two 14-seater matatus and a lorry at Kingaatuani ,on the Kitui-Machakos road.

    3 of the passengers died on the spot while the other 2 succumbed to their injuries while undergoing emergency treatment.

    More recently, a speeding Audi along Mombasa road, rammed straight into a boda boda, killing 3, and leaving one of the passengers in the backseat of the saloon car fighting for his life.

    The National Police Service has been urging Kenyans to exercise utmost caution while out on the road.

    Watch the video of the dramatic incident below:


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