Traffic Snarl Up After Train Rams Into Private Car

Kenya Railways Train derailed after ramming into a car on Friday April 1, 2022
  • A traffic snarl-up was witnessed along the Mwiki area in Nairobi after a Kenya Railways Locomotive rammed into a private car on Friday, April 1.

    In the early morning incident, the speeding train hit the private car after the motorist reportedly refused to give way. 

    As a result of the accident, the train derailed due to a bent track, making it hard to continue with its journey to Nairobi Central Railway Stations.

    The train plying the Kasarani route usually picks commuters along the Mutindwa Market in Umoja and Pipeline area in Nairobi.

    Kenya Railways Train derailed after ramming into a car on Friday, April 1, 2022

    Following the accident, motorists along Thika Super Highway were affected as traffic marshalls took time to create diversions. 

    The National Police Service (NPS) issued an advisory to motorists to use the diversions and desist from overlapping.

    Meanwhile, Kenya Railways deployed engineers to repair the track before the resumption of normal services.

    “A traffic congestion is therefore anticipated due to the derailment. The public is advised to use alternative routes in the meantime to avoid inconveniences, as Kenya Railways engineers are on the way to rectify the situation for resumption of normal operations,” NPS stated.

    In 2021, Kenya Railways issued a warning to motorists and pedestrians against crossing and moving near the railway tracks while trains are passing. 

    Motorists were cautioned against competing to beat the oncoming train and pedestrians were urged to stay far from the railway lines. 

    They further earmarked structures near railway lines for demolition to prevent more accidents.

    “There are many rail crossings throughout our railway network and the frequency of running trains has increased. In this regard and to keep the public safe from accidents we will remove all illegal structures and pathways within the railway’s reserve. 

    “Anyone found seating, walking, driving through, vandalizing or interfering with Railways infrastructure will be arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the law,” the statement added.

    An undated photo of a Kenya Railways train
    An undated photo of a Kenya Railways train
    Kenya Railways
    accident arrest suspect illegal


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