Traffic Offenses That May See You Fined Ksh400K in Kenya

Traffic Offenses That May See You Fined Ksh400K in Kenya

Some of the traffic offenses in Kenya may appear trivial, but they may see you fined Ksh 400,000.

According to the Traffic Act Chapter 403 Revised Edition 2018, poor condition of vehicles and exceeding the load limit could attract a hefty fine or earn you an imprisonment for up to two years.

1. Worn out tyres, malfunctioning lights

Section 55 prohibits the usage of vehicles whose all parts and equipment thereof, including lights and tyres, do not comply with the requirements of this Act.

A worn out vehicle tyre

“Such parts and equipment shall at all times be maintained in such a condition that the driving of the vehicle is not likely to be a danger to other users of the road or to persons travelling on the vehicle,” the Act reads.

2. Wide load

On the other hand, Section 56 stipulates that no motor vehicle shall have the weight or dimensions of which laden or unladen exceeds the maximum weight or dimensions provided for such vehicles by rules made under the Act.

3. Exceeding the chassis load limit

The law further prohibits vehicles from carrying loads greater than the load specified by the manufacturer of the chassis of the vehicle.

“No vehicle shall be used on a road… with a load greater than the capacity determined by an inspector under this Act or as provided for under the East African Community Vehicle Load Control Act, 2013,” the Act reads in part.

4. Dropping loads on the road

Section 56 also makes it illegal to use vehicles loaded in such a manner as to make it a danger to other persons using the road or to persons travelling on the vehicle.

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“Should any load or part of a load fall from any vehicle on to a road such fact shall be prima facie (the first impression) evidence that the vehicle was loaded in a dangerous manner until the contrary is proved to the satisfaction of the court,” the Traffic Act directs.

The Act indicates that for the purpose of this section, persons travelling on a vehicle shall be deemed to be part of the load.

Penalty for the offenses

In Section 58, the Law denotes that any person who drives or uses on a road a vehicle in contravention of the provisions of the two sections is deemed guilty of an offence.

As such, one is “liable to a fine not exceeding Ksh 400,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to both”.

Traffic police officers stop vehicle at an inspection road block.


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