Traffic Disrupted Along Southern Bypass After Fire Outbreak [VIDEO]

A fire pictured at Kikuyu Pipes Hardware Store in Kikuyu on September 6, 2020
  • Traffic was on Sunday, September 6, affected on the Southern Bypass in Kikuyu town, Kiambu County and Kikuyu Road after a massive fire broke out.

    The fire broke out at Kikuyu Pipes, a large hardware store located along Kikuyu road in the afternoon. Huge billows of smoke were seen coming from the store.

    The thick smoke affected visibility, affecting motorists using the road, and slowing down traffic for those entering Kikuyu town.

    A fire pictured at Kikuyu Pipes Hardware Store in Kikuyu on September 6, 2020

    Motorists approaching the town were urged to do so with caution even as residents complained over authorities’ slow response.

    An hour after the fire begun, the county fire brigade was yet to arrive at the location to put out the fire.

    Residents were particularly worried as the hardware store is adjacent to a petrol station.

    Residents and workers were seen scrambling in a futile attempt to put out the fire with water hoses and buckets as they awaited the brigade.

    It remained unclear by the time of publication what might have triggered the fire.

    The fire quickly spread, turning into a wild inferno partly due to the numerous flammable materials at the hardware store. Serious losses were incurred, but the value of the extent of damages remains unconfirmed.

    Police officers later arrived on the scene, controlling traffic and large crowds that gathered to watch the fire.

    The incident fueled conversation on safety practices and compliance with regards to regulations spelt out for businesses and learning institutions in Kenya.

    A raft of measures are recommended for managers of buildings and work spaces to ensure safety against incidences including fire and other work-related accidents.

    Watch a video of the fire below:



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