Top corporate MC Israel Robert Burale falls for Uhuru crush Doroh

Top corporate MC Israel Robert Burale falls for Uhuru crush Doroh

By Mutembei

Word making rounds on social Media has it that East Africa’s top corporate Emcee Mr. Israel Robert Burale seeing former President Uhuru’s secret crush.

According to gossip from a reliable rumor mill, the former Citizen TV’s Fashion Watch Show panelist is believed to be in a secret relationship with the United States based business lady and nurse Ms. Dorothy Ogega famously known by her Facebook name Doroh Oh.

Dorothy a renowned Kenyan-born top nurse living and working in the United States is believed to have had a past/current secret friendship with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to our Statehouse based snoop, President Uhuru used to meet Doroh during his United States tours.

According to Kenyans in the US, Madam Dorothy is a hardworking fearless no nonsense woman and a go getter. As a result of her industriousness, others have rechristened her Iron Lady from previous social media attacks that she got early this year. She is also the CEO of 254QCC a comedy platform that is locally based in Nairobi.

Mr. Burale is also the host of the newly lauched program OH MEN that airs on Thursdays at Switch where he interviews men with different experiences of life.

So far, no one has full details about Burale and Doroh’s relationship except for maybe their families and Children. They have both successfully raised exceptional kids despite of the sting of divorce.

They are the epitome of co parenting in the modern age. No one knows how and when they met either but it is believed the two lovebirds are planning a surprise for everyone.

They decided to act low key until everything is in place. They have managed to be low-key in a very nosy Kenya for over a year as it is being speculated. It is now confirmed that RB has been hinting marriage in the last few interviews and that the two could already be married behind our backs because of the MOG belief and promise he made to himself of not engaging in sexual activities outside marriage.