Things to learn from President Biden’s Inauguration

Things to learn from President Biden’s Inauguration

By Silas Nyanchwani via FB

A few things from this inauguration.
1. I was a skinny second year when Obama inaugurated back in January 2009. His victory speech was one of life’s most beautiful moments. His inauguration speech, much less memorable. It was a significant time to be alive.

Obama next inauguration wasn’t as exciting. Now we fully knew that reality and fantasy are slightly different. At this point, having not finished the wars in middle-east he promised to end, the killing of Gaddafi and all that slapped us back to reality that America will always be America.

2. Trump brought a whole different vibe to Washington. I was in America when Trump started his campaign and I knew he would win. I honestly followed everything Trump said and did. It was fascinating. And his presidency has been a nightmare to some, entertainment to others, embarrassment to others. But it was a whole new energy.

3. I am quite unsure of Biden’s America. The older you grow, the less optimism you tend to have in these things. Or in people. Or in politicians.

4. That kid Amanda Gorman is awesome. We need more young and bolder and intelligent kids like that. That poem didn’t shy from the ugliness of America’s daily life. Instead, she called Americans to turn stuff around. The power is there’s.

5. Mike Pence is a man.

6. Biden’s speech was raw and reassuring. After so many years of a man who says anything, it is always reassuring to see a man who knows you don’t have to out others down for you to sign.

7. I am indifferent towards Kamala Harris. But I recognise the historical moment and I wish this opens doors for more women.

8. Vocally, J-Lo has never been that good.

9. Lady Gaga. Was that dress necessary? She sung well though.

10. Here wondering how Trump will relate with Mike Pence?

12. What is the future of the Republican Party. Trump has been a monumental disruption. How do they move from Trumpism but still sticking to their core messages and beliefs?

Anyway. Sijui kitu.

Things to learn from President Biden’s Inauguration


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