They Wanted to Lynch Him – Mother Reunited with Son in Nairobi Speaks

  • A 51-year-old mother who found her son in the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) three weeks after he got lost has spoken of how some city dwellers wanted to lynch her son.

    Margaret Atieno narrated that some people thought his mentally challenged son had stolen from her, when they saw the two having a conversation on Sunday, February 21.

    “People surrounded us and asked if he had stolen from me. They were ready to lynch him. It is then that I responded and told them that the man was my son,” Atieno told TV47.

    Boda boda riders help a mother reunite with his son said to be suffering from mental illness in Nairobi on Tuesday. February 23, 2021, three weeks after he disappeared

    Atieno had gone to look for her son at the Railways Bus Station after she got hold of information that he had been seen loitering in the area.

    She would stumble upon him dressed in tattered clothes, emaciated having been feeding on the garbage and metal chains put around his hands. 

    At first, he tried to run away but Atieno reminded him that she was his mother and charmed him into going home with her.

    “His hands were bleeding he had developed wounds because of the chains. The wounds were oozing pus and we needed to go to the hospital to seek treatment. I pleaded and begged him until he agreed to talk to me,” she added.

    The single mother of six was helped by Boda Boda riders to untie his hands and rent a taxi to the Machakos hospital.

    “I am overjoyed and I thank God for helping me find my lost son,” she stated.

    Atieno also dismissed claims that her son was a University of Nairobi student. She stated that he was a high school dropout.

    A video had gone viral earlier in the week showing Atieno overwhelmed by emotions after reuniting with her son.


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