The Story of Traffic Cop in Viral Video Along Mombasa Road

Corporal Denis Ouko
  • The journey of a traffic police officer that went viral on Saturday, May 14 after he was captured on camera having fun at work been revealed.

    In a statement by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the enthusiastic cop manning traffic at Syokimau, along Mombasa Road, is Corporal Denis Ouko Ntabo, who has served in different capacities.

    Before being moved to Nairobi, he was stationed in Nakuru where he was in charge of road safety training at the city’s traffic base. Prior to this, he was tasked with promoting the welfare of children.

    Corporal Denis Ouko

    “Police Corporal Denis Ouko has served as a general duty officer in Nyeri and a Children’s officer in Nakuru. He is a published author who has written a book on love, marriage and family values,” read the statement in part.

    In the clip, Ouko dramatically asks motorists to accelerate after a section of traffic opened up. He uses gestures including putting the pedal to the metal before lightly pushing away a pedestrian who was imitating him.

    Members of the public were impressed by his approach with some asking how they could reach him to personally share their appreciations.

    Unknown to the public, the visibly enthusiastic officer who has put smiles across many faces in Kenya, was once on the verge of taking his life – an incident that shaped his other career as an author.

    While appearing before the National Police Service Commission vetting panel in 2016, Ouko narrated that he almost took his life just three days to his wedding, when he found his bride-to-be in a compromising situation.

    However, he fought off the need to take his life and narrated his encounter in his book where he speaks about love, marriage and family values.  The corporal further addresses infidelity among officers in his publication.

    Ouko, who blamed his wife’s infidelity on the working conditions of most officers, asked the  NPSC panel to look into improving the welfare of the men and women in the service.

    He recommended that the commission offers guidance and counselling to police officers. In addition, he proposed a review of the transfer policy advocating for cops to be posted near their homes to better bond with their family members.

    Counsellors, medics, and psychologists advise that you can always reach out for help when experiencing any mental health issues. Call Kenya Red Cross toll-free hotline, 1199 for support.

    National Police Service (NPS) Headquarters, Vigilance House
    National Police Service (NPS) Headquarters, Vigilance House
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