The scramble for Covid-19 vaccine, Kenyan government is asleep!


The scramble for Covid-19 vaccine, Kenyan government is asleep!

The Angle by Joe ageyo

Yesterday’s 114 the world is simply about the increasing the tropical question of a corvette 1915 leaders included South African president Cyril ramaphosa macky sall of Senegal , Nana Akuffo of Ghana former Liberian president Ellen johnson-Sirleaf and former prime minister of the United Kingdom Gordon Brown among others including notable economies and health experts and they had one ambitious message that all covid-19 vaccines treatments and test the main page and free mass-produced distributed fairly and made available to all people in all countries free-of-charge.

They’re calling it the people’s vaccine now that may sound like wishful thinking given the billions of dollars the pharmaceutical companies are already writing and even before the buses run their full course of tiles but the leaders are worried because in their analysis developed countries have already bought get this process that will be enough to vaccinate their populations three times over but on the other hand some 74 countries including Kenya can only hope to vaccinate one person out of 10 people and that is by the end of next year according to this group in fact the report specifically mentions Kenya 15 countries most at risk of missing out on a clear path out of the pandemic.

It is listed among countries like me and ma Nigeria Pakistan and Ukraine all with a rapid rise in the number of covid-19 cases and no clear plan on how they will lay their hands on any vaccine at this is obviously a worrying sign are you first because of the inequality that seems to attend to all world affairs even in the face of an existential threat such as covered 1900 minded of the famous quote from Jonas salk the man who invented the first safe and effective polio vaccine way back in 1953 when asked who owns the patent for his invention the answer then I caught it is the people there is no patent would you patent the sun be asked of course such magnanimity and body for life seems to have long left our shores as a human race but to be sure all the stuff picture we are confronted with now is a chilling reminder that we are now owners Kenya every country is on his own on this one reminder that I wasted years as a country you’re finally catching up with that and a reminder that a country like South Korea which was at par with Kenya just over five decades ago is now listed among those which countries that may not have their own back since they will be able to buy any effect in one anyway almost at any price a reminder that decisions made today will affect many generations to come but I know I’m perhaps crying over spilt milk so I will try and focus on the present for a moment you see right now there are three main vaccines that have either been approved such as the Oxford AstraZeneca job in the UK or on the verge of getting the nod such as Pfizer vaccine vaccine in the US and Germany and the one from modern house in the US of course we have also heard about the Chinese one in the UAE and the Russians fortnight and many more in the pipeline so one must ask tonight why do we fit in the scheme of things as Kenya what is Kenya doing too late and on at least one of these either now or in the future who is anyone is the government talking to for a possible deal when if I told her we likely to get even the first set of doors is or not sure if I know the government may well have the answers to these questions that my point tonight.

The scramble for Covid-19 vaccine, Kenyan government is asleep!


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