The lies, fake numbers presented by Mt Kenya leaders over ‘One Man One Shilling’ exposed badly

The lies, fake numbers presented by Mt Kenya leaders over ‘One Man One Shilling’ exposed badly


Please understand the intrinsic issues involved before u blame anybody for political expediency.
Just to give one example,

The biggest source of Kenya’s tax revenue is as follows:
– Income tax 42 %,
– VAT 25 %,
– Excise Duty 11 %,
– Import duty 7 %.

Based on the above mentioned figures…how much of each category of tax revenue stream do Mt. Kenya counties contribute?

The economy of Central Kenya is largely low tax yield agriculture.
One should look at Kilifi county’s service economy, which yields more tax than Murang’a county.
For example, how many peasants in Murang’a county does it take to collect the equivalent of the taxes paid by one hotel in Watamu?

This “one man, one shilling” debate reveals the Kikuyu internalisation of colonial successor overlords role.
The poor Kikuyus play the “divide and rule” role that poor whites play in America…..and they have no idea how aggressively they are played.

The problem with tribalism or identity politics in Kenya, is that for example, Kikuyus are told that even if they are poor or sick, they are superior to other tribes.
It’s just psychology where nobody stops to ask what’s in it for them as a people? The President? Why sell me tribalism? What’s in it for me if i swallow the hogwash?

To the rest of Kenyans who think they are angels when it comes to tribalism…you are the same people that your politicians tell you to circle the tribal wagons and unite in defense of a common interest…only that you are defending their personal interests, not tribal interests that never existed.
When its over, they have power, and you have nothing! Ngojeni 2022 mchezwe kama wajinga!

We live in a strange country where the poor walk miles to get food and water while the rich walk miles to digest it. If we talk about Mt Kenya privilege since independence…we’ll need a full day.
In agriculture alone, how many of our coffee loans have been written off?

To the people who feel aggrieved with the Senate vote last evening, let me tell you this…when you are accustomed to privilege…equality feels like oppression.
What you’re feeling is just the discomfort of losing a little bit of your privilege.
Get off your high horse and let’s finally have this conversation of how NO KENYAN WILL BE LEFT BEHIND IN MATTERS DEVELOPMENT.

There are those lost souls in the House of Mūmbi who think Kenya is theirs and they run the economy. The truth is that they have never wanted to give any other individuals a fair chance to grow, unless of course it benefits them somehow.

This divisive formula is Uhuru’s strategy to appease Mt. Kenya. However, those with a third eye know its not to appease Mt Kenya but alienate us from the rest of Kenya, so that come 2022, we will be back where we were in 2008, begging him to save us!

The claims that 10 Mt Kenya counties contribute 60% of Kenya’s GDP is FALSE.
Each county contribution as of 2017 was as follows:

– Kiambu (5.5%),
– Kirinyaga (1.4%),
– Laikipia (1.0%),
– Nyeri (2.2%),
– Embu (1.4%),
– Nyandarua (2.6%),
– Meru (2.9%),
– Murang’a (2.3%),
– Tharaka Nithi (0.8%)
– Nakuru (6.1%).

Without Nakuru and Laikipia which are technically in Rift Valley, Mt Kenya only contributes less than 20% of Kenya’s GDP yet they have benefitted with 80% of Kenya’s resources.

Let the honest conversation begin.

The lies, fake numbers presented by Mt Kenya leaders over ‘One Man One Shilling’ exposed badly


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