That “Jerusalema” thing is one of the most useless songs ever recorded

That “Jerusalema” thing is one of the most useless songs ever recorded

Jerome Ogola via Facebook
There is hardly any great music in South Africa, beyond Mama Africa, Mariam Makeba’s sweet melodies and Hugh Masekela’s trumpet
That “Jerusalema” thing is one of the most useless songs ever recorded ever. Don’t tell me it has millions of viewers, on YT. Who said the masses are right?

Have they ever been? The reason that someone else likes it doesn’t make anything great. The last the masses had their way, was in the Jewish storybook, and they lynched an innocent magician, while setting free a jambazi sugu, called Barabas
I stick to rumba. In this world, even the song at the bottom of the list has some artistic creativity to sample. The most lowly song, has gruesome great rhythm guitar and solo guitar to sample

The drummer has something to offer and so other singer/s and other spicers, sax, trumpets etc

On a new gear, schools opened on Monday and students went straight into work as evidence by smoke billowing from a Musingu High School dormitory. They ignited it to make fire and warm themselves. Even more intriguing is Khalwale Wa Machina’s response appreciation message to governor Otichilo for his quick response! Remember Musingu is in Ikolomani constituency, in the heart of Kakamega County and not Vihiga
We are now on Archbishop John Pesa, of the Coptic church. He is quoted lamenting that he was underpaid for visiting and delivering the sermon at the tangatanga shrine

Did he choose to intentionally twist the gospel and mislead his audience, as a way of communicating his disgruntlement for the unfair remuneration?

No. Says he, twas a little mix-up!
In any case how sure are you that he was wrong? Do you have the video of David Killing Goliath? If you don’t have it, then you are simply speculating it could be true that it was Solomon, after all

Pesa was given so little pesa. A paltry 10k at leas according to the star. Maybe a price list with recommended retail price should be introduced, so that prayer providers don’t become over ambitious!
Good morning my fellow hoof eaters!!

That “Jerusalema” thing is one of the most useless songs ever recorded


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